How to set the 'Start-up Page' & 'New Tab page' to that to BLANK?

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Hello members!

Under Settings>>General>>Manage Home-page is not allowing us to eliminate the very first entry & therefore help us figure out on how to set "Startup page" & "New Tab page" to that to BLANK!?

Despite of making a successful edit of the very first entry within "Manage Homepage" to ---about:blank, when the Browser were restarted it only came up with default page of Maxthon!

Help me unclutter the Start page & assist to set the same to about:blank on a permanent basis!

Help will be sincerely appreciated.

Thank you.

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So you don't want any start-up page?

If you want to change 'new tab': 
1. Download this app or just open this page and lock it
2. open app and lock the page
3. customize the new tab page
4. change start-up page to new tab and after you start the browser change to the lock page
5. Go to settings

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