I can''t log onto TV sites by validating with my TV provider

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I have a couple websites (abc.go.com and syfy.com) which require login using validation by my TV Provider.

I can validate these sites using Maxthon orr Firefoxut I could not do so with any  4.9.x version and cannot validate with Mx5.

This problem appears to me to be US-specific, though it may occur elsewhere too.  The TV providers listed on these sites are all .TV providers.  In my case the provider is Verizon FIOS.

Streps to produce:

1. Go it to the website.

2. Select a recent episode of one of the sites prime time programs

3. Click to play it (it will probably say "Click to validate" or equivalent.)

4. A list of major TV providers appears.  There is also a  button for "More providers" in case yours isn't on the firsst screen.

5. Select your TV provider.  You need the account userID & password to validate.

6. Enter userID and password when requested.

7. Click the LOGIN (or equivalent) button.

What should happen

The video player loads up and begins playing.

What does happen

Validation fails and the TV provider screen is presented again.

This sequence happens whether I manually and very carefully enter the userID & password or let MagicFill do it.  In MX5 Passkeeper seems to have my MagicFill data because it works here and elsewhere as needed.

I really would like this bug squashed.  I have to revert to to vidw episode videos on these sites.  And it appears that cbs.com is joining this group with their AllAccess using TV provider validation.

I have reported this problem throughout the 4.9.x versions with no action.  I hope something will be done now.


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