MX5 Android - No Landscape Mode??

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I hope that Landscape view is still available, and I just haven't found how to access it yet.

I have looked everywhere I could think of, and I don't see it. I hope that is comes back, or I will have to use a different Browser, since I really dislike Portrait view.



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1 hour ago, Dr.Roxana said:

Microsoft company monopolizes landscape view rotation mode for Tablets more 10.1 inchs based windows OS so Android OS and his apps can just set on portrait view rotation rotation mode 

so y see no any generate 10.1 inch Tablets for Android and all companies obliged to generate fablets smaller or equal 7 inchs so developers developed apps for portrait view mode prediction in Google play store 

i am unsatisfied with it too like u 

Thnx Microsoft :(

I hope they don't remove it for win10 too. lol

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I noticed this too.  But even on my Asus Memo Pad 8 181c tablet running KitKat 4.4.2 I have it rooted.  Along with root I have Xposed app installed which gives you hundreds of modules that accomplish things Android can not or no longer will do.  One of which is "Force Rotation".  You can choose to force portrait or landscape.  I guess this saves me on that one, it would be a kill all with MX5.


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Hi mrayers2,

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the inconvinience caused. 

We put basic functions in top priority, and then consider these advanced functions. 

So currenctly, we do not add this function in MX5. If the request for this function reach to a certain number, our product team will discuss to add it. 

You can encourage people to vote on your post, let us see how many people are looking for it. 


Thanks again for your support and help us to improve.

Have a nice day mrayers2

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