MX5 for Android - removing favorites& notes


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2 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

Hi magg,

Have you tried it now in 2700?



Thanks for reply... but we're talking here about Android version :wink:.

So far there is only one version.


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Says "answer" in link but mine is questions.  I can understand the new capabilities given now for saving pages offline.  Not being able to merge existing favorites into this (I need to go through my old faves anyway).  Will "Default folder" eventually be named Favorites?  This is in regard to desktop windows version.  Mobile version I can add, to Default folder & has options of which variety as well as favorites as well but any thoughts on this would be helpful in what direction MX5 is going to take in this section?!!

A breakdown on this conversion, tutoring, hints, tips, tricks......... would be invaluable at this point!

:-) zach

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1 hour ago, magg said:

Still the same problem in beta 5.1.1000 :mad:


Either there's no way to delete or you don't know how. I have no problem deleting favorites with android.

I'll add that I think it's rather elegant :)

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