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Testing this new MX5 I found troubles making Netflix work properly. 

With the User Agent String (UAS) "Maxthon" Netflix ask me to update to a newer version of Chrome.

With NO UAS, Netflix ask me to install Silverlight, and it is installed in my PC.

Only using UAS "Firefox" Netflix works properly, but other pages shows some issues.

To keep using MX as my default version I need to Netflix works fine without change the UAS, so I suggest two options: fix the UAS issue with Netflix or add a feature that makes customized UAS for some sites. For example only Netflix use UAS "Firefox" and the other sites use UAS "Maxthon". So I have no need to change the UAS many times during navigation with MX5.

Thank you.

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Agree with livioflores - Constant changing UAS is not a solution for MX. 

Tool what allow to create a filter is also not a solution on long way. If user open webpage with errors - he must check 12! UAS settings. If someone spend a lot time on browsing on random web pages finding that ONE UAS working will be nightmare. He just go to another web browser and dont even try to find that correct one UAS :)

btw - thx licioflores for that Firefox setting :)


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