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Straight away after loading the page? After using it for 1/5/60 minutes? Using a particular mode? Searching for something? Extensions running? Your OS is?

I tested by going around the world twice & changed from map to satellite mode and zoomed in/out numerous times, searched for some cities, left the tab running in the background with about 20 other tabs.

No crash, no issues.

Given your issues in your other thread, i'd be doing some troubleshooting, as i'm pretty sure the issue is on your end.

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Google maps is nowhere near as smooth to use in Maxthon as it is in other browsers. Zooming, moving the map has definite stuttering effect. This is more apparent when zoomed in to a locale but less so when view the entire globe..

You can "flick" a map in Vivaldi, chrome or opera and the map continues to move until it comes to a gradual stop. In Maxthon it stutters to a stop.

By "flick" I mean releasing left button while moving the cursor.

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