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[WinPC Confirmed] HTML export problem

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I have a problem with exporting to HTML Maxthon is that accented letters are changed; which of course is seen on reimportation.  http://www.cjoint.com/c/FEhuYWPgnj5

Comparing export files, I noticed that Maxthon exports in charset = windows-1252, while all other browsers in exporting charset = UTF-8.

Viewing the file poses no problem in browsers, the format to be monitored for proper display; It is import that malfunction.
All Browsers exporting UTF-8 except maxthon, they are not checked coding when importing and act like it was in UTF-8 (except IE).


Is there a way to change the export encoding ?

Maxthon he will spend in UTF-8?






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19 minutes ago, BugMiss006 said:

so sad for this...there is no setting can change export encode temporarily... :(

could you tell me why you wanna change it~ it caused any trouble for your using? Maybe I can submit this as a proposal~~~:wink:

maxthon fails to import/export favorites from/to chrome based browsers :  accentuated characters don't show (wrong encoding)

since utf-8 is now a standard, Maxthon should use it to encode favorites, as other browsers do.


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