[WinPC Resolved] Maxthon V4.9.3.200 Release or Beta?

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37 minutes ago, SnowLeopard said:

I thiink it is definitelly a beta as it has been throughout internal testing despite the mistake in the first paragraph.



not only the first paragraph.. the tag says final too, and the fact it has been tested does not mean it's a beta IMO

anyway it does not matter.


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The announcement says 'final', but the file is labelled 'beta'.

Which is it?


Hi Maxthons,

Today, we are happy to release a new final windows version of Maxthon V4.9.3.200 ! :)

This version has brought a function return and fixed some bugs as elaborated in the changelog below.

Please try it out and feel free to let us know your findings.

Have a nice day :wink:



Install version

MD5: e60300b85fd6907741de3f14e28f0c5d

Portable version

MD5: 7727bdb1f30c4e2da1dfaa590ed4c37e



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21 minutes ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

And why people keep posting the same question over and over in the same thread is beyond comprehension.  Doesn't anyone read anymore?

considering the depth of discussion on the board this last few weeks its question like this that keep the place alive and people interested - never mind about the possibility of 5 ever hitting the servers the great unwashed out there need to know if what they have is a beta or a final release 

as if it mattered :))


Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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10 hours ago, PHYR said:

It's the final version of a 4.9 beta which means the next beta will be of 5.0!!! :p:D:mdr:

Ahh, if only.  I have to remember a comment recently that it would take two more versions to bring split screen back.  This is the ffirrst since then.  Hoping ....


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