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How to delete Last/Earlier Session list?


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How do I delete Last Session list? It was working fine for ~3 years but since 3 days whatever i do the list stays the same.

Tried to close Last Session window and the browser afterwards, closing those 100+ links one after another, restarting PC several times, but the list is the same since 3 days. Can't delete old links and can't add new ones.

I'm using windows version V4.4.8.1000(says up to date, isnt the browser supposed to autoupdate?)

Edit: updated to mx4.4.8.2000 and mx4.9.2.1000 afterwards but the list is still the same.

Edit2: mx4.9.2.1000 messed up big time, Maxthon wont show last session anymore, even if i downgrade, doesn't remember on which monitor it was closed and forget the window size too. It can't be worse than this.

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