What in UserData folder might cause abnormal response of Maxthon 4.8?

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I download Maxthon 4.8.1000 portable and unzip everything into my current Maxthon 4.8.600 portable (for upgrading to newer version). When I run this Maxthon, I find two things:

  1. Open Gmap, I can't use wheel to zoom map.
  2. When I go to tw.yahoo.com, the middle-lower part is blank for a while, mouse cursor is frozen, I can't move/click mouse, i.e. I can't operate anything in Windows, then later it show the middle-lower part page and mouse is back to normal response. (This also happen when I go to online Apache Solr Reference Guide page and several websites)

Then I unzip 4.8.1000 into another folder and run it directly and repeat above two things. Everythings are normal now.

Since the only difference between two 4.8.1000 is the UserData folder, I have reasonble suspect that somethings in UserData cause the abnormal phenomena.

Can anyone, especially the Maxthon develop team, tell me what cloud be the possible suspect?

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The problem could be due to conflict between settings. It is advised to not unzip the new version in the exisitng verson’s folder…Some data ,files and settings will be duplicated which could cause conflicts  when you run the browser. Just unzip in a different folder and replace the user data file from the old version if you want to keep your settings and data. But it would be better to just loggin your account in the version, all your data will be synced automatically.

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