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Language files for Maxthon portable | &


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Maxthon portable only includes language files for en-US & zh-CN. The complete language list as found in the installer package can be downloaded from the links below.

Extract into the Bin\Locales folder in the Maxthon install folder.

MX5 Current version:
Locales_5.0.2.2000 0.8mb

MX4.9 Current version:
Locales_4.9.4.3000  3.2mb


MX5 previous version:
Locales_[] 1.1mb

MX4.9 previous version:
Locales_[] 3.3mb



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20 hours ago, Ices_Eyes said:

The difference with the past is that before you could download mx translations from crowdin. Now this is no more possible, so no way to have the translations work!!! @BugSir005@BugSir006@BugSir007

hi Ices_Eyes, language files for MX5 is larger than before, and our developers have processed them in a special way. So users cannot simply drag the file and excute them. Sorry for the inconvinience, but we always support multi-language in install version. And as for we are still in beta version, many changed are ahead, please look forward and stay tuned. 

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