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I think I need to start a fresh thread about this problem, as I have looked at earlier threads but the discussions seemed to be going nowhere without any proper guidance from Maxthon.

The problem of course is that all of a sudden the ability to download any files while using the Maxthon browser just does not work anymore. I have installed the Maxthon Version yesterday and it still does not work. See for example the attached screenshot. Clicking on the "Attached Files Twu_Daily-Report_2016.xls" nothing happens. Previously it would provide a popup window showing options to save in which folder etc. Now nothing happens. I have not enabled Popup Blocker. Also clicking on the Download Manager arrow at the left sidebar does not bring up the download tasks window.

Can anybody help with a solution?

Download Fails.jpg

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Firstly double check that the downloader window isn't being hidden by the main window. Sometimes Maxthon somehow forces always on top and things like this seem to happen. Hasn't happened for a while for me though.

Change from Ultra to Retro mode and test. Then go back to Ultra and see if anything changes.

Does the downloader button work on other sites? If not, then there is something wrong with the install. A reinstall should fix the issue.

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OK the problem has been resolved by going to Maxthon Settings > Web content > Browsing, and :

Uncheck "Always use Ultra Mode"

Check  "Enable smooth scrolling" and "Enable standard rendering in Retro Mode" 

I tested downloading any attachments and also clicking the Download Manager arrow in the left sidebar and everything works.

Thanks for the help 7twenty. 



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