[BUG] Imgs not showing when in folder named advertising.

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Hello! I'm a webb developer and I found Maxthon as a very nice browser. But..

I found a bug when I was coding some advertising related stuff. Images will not show when I put them in the folder path "imgs/advertising/". The <img alt="picture"> will say "picture" for maybe 0,1 seconds and after that it will disappear and nothing will be visible. Firefox, chrome, and IE works perfect.

Renaming folder advertising to something else will fix the problem.

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15 minutes ago, 7twenty said:

Is Adblock enabled? I'd say that would cause anything ad related to be blocked in such a way.

If that doesn't help, then if you could provide a link to a test page or similar with that code so others can test.

Yes I had adblock on. I totally forgot about that (X. Thx for the answer!

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