Error Code 105 net ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

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Hi, I'm new in the community...

I have a problem that happens randomly when I surf on Internet...

Maxthon give me this error (check attachment)


If I refresh page 1000 times, the page loads...

How can I solve this problem? I checked on google and I tried " ipconfig /flushdns " and something more...

Any Ideas?

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Just now, 7twenty said:

Does the same happen with other browsers?

Try changing your DNS to the google ones or, to check that's not the issue.

Yes happens with chrome too... in chrome give error: "  Dns probe started " then after 2 seconds " Dns probe finished no internet"

I just tried to change dns... I used OpenDNS too.... 

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19 hours ago, pino67 said:

How can I solve this? In other pc and in smarthphones never happened...

you may want to read this

usually internet providers have different DNS, you should perform a search about your provider DNS and try to set a different one or set google DNS as an alternative,

dns jumper is very handy :


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