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Most people forget this or don't know it, but it doesn't block anything by default unless you have your own custom rules, because adhunter needs to be subscribed to Maxthon's global rules list. Click the icon in the corner of the window, and hit "subscribe..."

If that doesn't do enough, then there is an extension for adblocking, it's called NoAds. Check here please:

Note, that you might want to use the custom field in the options panel, which is accessible via hitting alt+shift+p, then go to subscriptions tab, and check all the checkboxes, and type for a combination of the main fanboy blocking list, enhanced trackers list, tracking list, AND annoyance list. Click download subscription, and then the ok button, and your rules are stored locally in addonsdata folder inside of your user folder named as your email under this path if you use installed Maxthon: c:\users\\appdata\roaming\maxthon3\users\\addonsdata or simply %appdata%\maxthon3\users\\addonsdata. It's an ini file inside of a folder named as the extension's GUID number. If you use portable, then when starting from the extracted directory: *\Userdata\users\email\addonsdata\*. Often people forget that exists too, but then again it takes a tiny bit extra of time to delve and find it, not as easy and out in the open as the other lists, even on fanboy's site.

see screenshot below, please.



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