maxthon on el capitan (Mac Pro 5,1) not synching my cloud bookmarks

Demi Zen

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6 hours ago, Demi Zen said:

I dont have any problems on android ubuntu or windows, but despite being logged in on my mac, the maxthon is not synching my bookmarks from the bar. Anybody got clue why?


I am not able to edit my user profile either.  Maybe is something local


Thanks for using Maxthon.

What version of Maxthon are you using on your Mac please?

Please make sure your Maxthon account is logged in. Do you see favorites button in the right side menu?

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thank you for your response. I am sure i am logged in. I can see my avatar, but i am not able to see my bookmarks or cloud tabs.  My version is 4.5.2. I was trying to restore some previous bookmarks versions from cloud but cloud bookmarks and cloud tabs just dont synch. I am using el capitan on mac pro 5.1







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