Maxthon Permission Violation


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I sincerely hope this is an honest mistake, otherwise it's dishonesty.

You say this:

User Experience Improvement Program

     Users who choose to participate will send the following data to us:

      System Information: Hardware and OS information, etc.
        Product Usage: Which button is clicked most and what feature is used most, etc.
        Product Settings: Provide information to improve default settings
        Error and Crash Data: What error has happened and how many times this error has happened, etc.
        The UEIP only collects information about Maxthon products and services. But since some other software might also affect the usage of             our products and services (software conflict, security flaw, etc.),             we might also collect information about them.

We respect your privacy.

This program is voluntary.

You can opt in/out this Program at any time by checking/unchecking Setup Center » Advanced » User Experience Improvement Program.

If you are uncomfortable with this program, or this program violates the policy of your company or organization, please choose not to participate.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, please Contact Us.


Yet, from the initial installation of Maxthon, I chose not to participate, and still I can see that the program is packaging the information to be exported. Currently I do not know if the file is sent before it is deleted (I check on that next), but it is evident that that information is still being gathered.




Yes I doubled checked that the User Experience Improvement Program is unchecked.

Could an admin clear this up for me?

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Hi again,

There are two types of User Experience Improvement Program data:

Data collected when the user choose to participate in UEIP.

data collected regardless of whether users chose to participate in UEIP or not: Here, when users choose not to join UEIP, then we will not collect sensitive data. We will only collect some basic data such as browser start condition and not the data that involves the user's privacy.



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This wasn't mentioned before, or did I miss it in the fine print. Perhaps it might be fair to users to clearly let them know what they are opting in to, especially since that gathered information is encrypted, and we have no way of knowing what's really being uploaded from our computers. Could you please specify what information exactly is being gathered from users who opt out of UEIP, because I noticed a lot of gathering taking place through my browser usage.

Here is a report of little less than 20 minutes in the attachment.

The zip file is created, and deleted, I count 7 times.

ueip recorded.txt

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The information seems trustworthy.

I have no way of telling otherwise, anyway.

I'll continue to use Maxthon, because, besides Epic, it's the only browser where I don't have to clean up cookies after use. Even though Epic is better ( where it's due - no offense.) There is a particular reason for using Maxthon.


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