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What are the Mx3 Skins for?

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could not resist - sorry

yes and no - add on skins in 3 were stored in a skin dir - the program looked in there and the code in there took preference to the built in skin that is in ui.dat

in 4 ui.dat still exists and the skins are in there but the ability to pull skins from an external dir has gone - nobody is saying if it will return

i did a workaround when 4 was released to allow the easy use on 3 skins - that involved swapping a couple of dll files from 3 - with that any skins in the skin dir then worked - it still will - search its somewhere - the problem was/is that other things did not work - nothing major but people were not happy

the 'new' method is to inject an old skin from 3 into the ui.dat - that works - takes a bit more doing ad any update to ui.dat overwrites it - again search there are a few skins done like that

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