Google Hangouts in MX 4.9


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Many people very often ask about Hangouts for Maxthon. And when I ask: "What extension do you need?", - many people answer: "Hangouts". And I don't know why. I think Google made excellent website: all works on one page, without links. It's comfortably. Why people want to see this in sidebar?

Maybe because Hangouts does not work in Maxthon 4.4.x. But this is because of browser. If browser does not support website, I doubt that someone is able to fix it. And I doubt that someone is able to port Hangouts extension from Google Chrome: it does not work in Yandex.Browser and other Chromium-based bworsers. I don't think that somebody can make it work in Maxthon. There is other extension Chromium-based browsers, It works only with text like IM. I think it's possible, but I can not do this. 

But now Hangouts works in Maxthon 4.9. So I made simple extension:

  • in sidebar window
  • links to Hangouts, on air and support in toolbar menu
  • link to video call in toolbar menu
  • no scripts, only one script which open website from toolbar

But Hangouts is not popular in my country. I don't have any one online. And I don't like modern messagers with calling, I'm too old for this! I think text chat works, but I can not test calls. Probably website will requires installation of the plugin that will not work in Maxthon. I don't know. All what I can do is just create videoconference with only one participant (me). So I need your help.

If you have Maxthon 4.9 (last beta here), please check these:

  1. Open, check all buttons, try to write message for someone. I think it will work.
  2. Try to call (voice and video). I hope it works. But maybe you need special plugin and I am afraid that this will not work
  3. Open This is empty videoconference. Try to invite somebody.

I use this links in the addon. If it works by links, it will work by addon too. I can give you mxaddon if you need. 
And if you can make something better or you can port extension from WebStore, it will be great! 

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