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41 minutes ago, Adminspb said:

Links to Test Page CP-1251


Firefox for android opened this page without a problem with code page ...

Please add Maxton for android code page support CP-1251 !!!



Which Maxthon version are you using?

I can't confirm your issues. Page you mentioned displays fine for me.

Try to install this current version http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/18405-maxthon-cloud-browser-for-android-v4561000/


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Thanks for providing more information.

Have you tried Desktop view to see if these pages open fine? Here i can't access these pages...May we know your country as well? it seems that this code is mainly used for encoding the Bulgarian, Serbian and Macedonian languages.country region.

Please try this package and let us know if it works.



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58 minutes ago, Adminspb said:

Version for Maxton windose default encoding is normally displayed.

The only problem in versions for Android. Fix it?

On all my devices and browsers all this websites look/ display exactly the same...

Bez tytułu.jpg







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Just now, Adminspb said:

Android version incorrectly displays the two links

Rus text in CP1251

Rus Text in ANSI

Could you mark an example of any incorrect text, please? Sorry but for me text from these 2 links looks exactly the same in Mx for desktop and android, Firefox Win& Android...

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