breaks Ultra mode certificate authentication


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In client certificate authentication in Ultra mode doesn't work after you have authenticated with a certificate in Retro mode and closed the page before trying another site in Ultra mode. Please note that I have not tested .2300 since I didn't see a download for it at all. However, in .2200 authentication seemed to work (with the confirmed bug of the list), but I have not tested this exact problem.

After the list of certificates is shown, the PIN/password window for the certificate doesn't appear again (as it should, since this is a different site and different browser mode) and the attached message (which is incorrect in its description part) is shown instead of the page.


Further testing is needed, as the problem seems a bit complex. At first I thought the Ultra mode authentication does not work at all and then tried several combinations. The message should be corrected to correspond to the error, since the error has nothing to do with the site's certificate.

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Confirmed: The problem appears only AFTER and IF you close a Retro tab, where you authenticated. So far it seems the order in which you authenticate doesn't matter - if you first authenticated in Ultra mode on one site, then again in Retro mode on another site - all works until you close the Retro mode tab. After that, authentication in Ultra mode stops working.

Confirmed: The problem exists since

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