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I would like to report a technical issue with Dailymotion.Every time I search up a video,the ads went up and guess what happened....it must've stopped loading and reloads back over and over even without the back arrow.Could you please fix this browser and please fix up Dailymotion....and its' search results please.


                                                                             thanks for reading and happy holidays.


                                                                                                  Warmly regards,


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Happy holidays to you too.

I'm using Mx to browse Dailymotion and all videos i searched up are working properly. There is no reloading problem produced and the back arrow is displayed. And i'm not getting any ads in the videos i play.

What is the version of Mx are you using please?

Please give us a specific link of the video you are trying to play. We will keep testing to see if we can duplicate your problem.



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