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I've been using Maxthon as my primary browser for over a decade (great job, by the way - it is so far superior to all other browsers), always logged in, and quietly added tabs to my quick access over the years. As of last week I was at 9 pages of quick access tabs - around 100 websites all of which I visit daily or at least weekly. A couple of days ago I opened Maxthon and my quick access has reset to default, I tried on all three PC's, same on all - I've tried various ways to restore, but all without success.

Is there a way to restore my quick access tabs to where they were before?

I'd be most grateful.

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Do you sign in with a passport account?

Did you sign in the last times?

Hopefully the browser used to sign in automatically, but didn't for some reason the last few times.

Thanks for responding...

I do and I did. I auto-sign in on 2 of 3 machines and manually on the other - quick access, skynotes & passwords are the main reasons I sign in  - my skynotes and usernames & passwords are all intact (or I'd be cyber-suicidal!), but quick access has gone :( - maybe there's a copy somewhere in the interweb, but I cannot find it...


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