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Hi, I'm new to the forum but I've been using since the earliest versions Maxthon. I registered in the forum to see if anyone can help with the problems that have been suffering from version because these do have to use another browser with Maxthon to work.

From version

I can not see the YouTube website or any YouTube video.

Although web malfunctions and GMAIL load not shown or all menus do not work,
and when I get out of the session, this is still listed as open in the browser.

The problem of "INVALID CERTIFICATED" burns much patience to have to see this screen again and again especially when using the search engine or GMAIL GOOGLE, although out
with many other sites.

Yahoo is also shown bad as YOUTUBE.

TWITTER is also shown bad as YOUTUBE.

INSTAGRAM not shown, only shows blank page.

Up to version Beta, could not see the Facebook page, but now in version Beta and the, whether charge and works well.

And so a web after another with no problems or that directly shows.

Portable Maxthon always use, since for me portability is essential, and all versions from Maxthon 3 I've used are portable. Up to version he had none of these problems and still use this version if you do not have these problems, but clear out new versions is to be corrected defects earlier and improving or adding new features and if I can not pass Version would remain limited to the virtues and faults of it forever.

Every time you use a new portable version, the taste before the factory settings, and then step to copy the directory with the configuration from the previous version in order to continue working directly with my options and extensions. I say this because I've raised that might give some problem between versions copying user folder from one version to another directly, but after doing a thousand tests, nothing as usual, I tried to set up from scratch several versions including this
the last and nothing goes wrong with the configuration and factory like the above from version

I hope you can help me as I write from version, I have waited anxiously to see if corrected once the problems, but nothing as usual.






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There was a similar thread a while ago. Not sure if there was a resolution.

Invalid certificate errors shouldn't be happening (works fine here), unless there is something strange going on with the certificate or the time/date is set wrong on your system. And it seems all other browsers tested are ok?

Are you running through a proxy? Looks like the CSS isn't loading properly, can be due to proxy issues, slow connections or the renderer just flaking out for some reason.

It's not a widespread issue, so i'd say there is something on your end which is causing the problem... just need to figure out what. The copying over of data from older releases shouldn't be an issue. But to test, extract a clean version of MX portable and test with that, no userdata, no passport or extensions etc.

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