Win7. HTML5 h264 video decoding doesn't use GPU (HW acceleration)


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Windows7. Portable Mxthn (and all previous versions) and with installation.

High or HUGE CPU load because it doesn't use GPU (HW acceleration) for HTML5 h264 video decoding on any sites.

about:gpu is listed below.


In the Chrome all items are green (except: Multiple Raster Threads: Disabled,  Rasterization: Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable) and it use HW acceleration.

szChipType  -  GeForce 9200M GS

P.S. Just tested Portable, where this feature must to work. But it's using CPU too!

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Maxthon's GPU acceleration support is somewhat lacking compared to the other browsers. Nothing can be done about it till it's implemented. It should hopefully be better supported in the newer versions to be released based on the later blink core.

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I believe this will be fixed in the next major version of Maxthon.

There is a major rework going on to better accommodate the Blink core. It involves removing the current way Maxthon's engine works and replacing it with the Chromium Embedded Framework. It will make future Blink core updates easier to do and should be far less hacky/buggy, reducing the likelihood of things like this happening.

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