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Is is possible to request plugins/extensions which exist in Firefox/Chrome to be transitioned into Maxthon?

There is an extension, names EZproxy, which is used specifically for library applications, as can be found here:


Now, since it is merely a proxy extension for chrome, I guess that it can either be transitioned into Maxthon relatively easily or just be applied via more general proxy extension (This is proxy just for specific sites which are library-related, not a general use proxy)

Any chance of getting this, or instructions on how to do this myself?

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You can ask as you have and see if someone has the ability to do it. But there's no guarantee that anyone can or will.

Depending on how it's coded, it might be as simple as extracting from the chrome extension file, changing the def.json file and repacking to the MXaddon filetype. See here for some info on extensions.

Might have a look later on.

You can also try contacting the creator of the Chrome extension and see if he can make up one for Maxthon.

Contact details:

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Finally managed to figure this out after a little bit of help.

Not sure if it works as intended, but looks to be doing what it's supposed to do.

If you could try it out and let me know if there are any issues (or if it works at all).

From there i'll clean up some stuff and submit to the extension site if the original creator is ok with it.

NOTE: it's still a test version, so just be wary that it may not work as expected.

Final version has been submitted to the extension site. Will provide link once approved.

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