(BUG) webkit/tridend page issue

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since a few days i have a issue with the page-loading of maxthon.

the problem on websites is that it crashes and then refreshes with a blank page.

on quick acces i get 7/10 times a blank page (opening a new one gives my regular screen)

on most pages drag 'n drop works half if i drag 'n drop 5 links in a row.

(this issue could also be caused by webkit or trident enigine)

on mx fora  ultra modus gives the fora as it should, while classic modus gives a bugged out page.

for some reason, maxthon automatically switches between webkit/trident, and webkit
and refresshes the page withour my consent or 
in auto refresh (strangly this happened also in about:config)

i noticed that the issue is caused by either webkit or trident 

i am using windows 10
asus n76vz (with ssd)

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Test with MX portable and don't add any user settings. I'm thinking something has gone wrong with some of your settings data and that's the reason it keeps on screwing up.

If that seems to work well, then start adding back the user settings ONE BY ONE. You should be able to figure out which one is the culprit.

From there you can add back all the known good settings back to your main install, and just update whatever was left behind that was causing the problems.

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