Help to translate Symbaloo in Spanish


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What's up, guys?
I made Symbaloo and Symbaloo Light for Maxthon. Symbaloo's website works not so good. But if it will work, Symbaloo will become alternative to standard Quick Access.
Symbaloo is online service to create visual collections of bookmarks. And you can share your collections for your friends.


All information about service and how to use Symbaloo in Nitro here.
Symbaloo Light


Symbaloo website is translated in English, Netherlandish, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Catalan, Russian, Danish, Italian, Korean, Turkish, Polish and Swedish. But now extensions are translated only in English, Russian and Netherlandish. And I need help with translation again:

Add in Symbaloo  - Добавить в Symbaloo
My profile - Мой профиль
Preferences - Предпочтения
Account settings - Настройки аккаунта
Support  - Помощь
About us / About Symbaloo - О нас / Что за Symbaloo?
Rate and Review - Оценки и замечания
Thanks for help.
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Translation - Spanish Peru

Add in Symbaloo  - Agregar a Symbaloo
My profile - Mi perfil
Preferences - Preferencias
Account settings - Configuración de la cuenta
Support  - Soporte
About us / About Symbaloo - Acerca de Symbaloo
Rate and Review - Valorar y Comentar

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In the future?

Maybe. But Baidu and others rules China. I don't think that Symbaloo is popular there.
We can added
Chinese in toolbar, but website does not support Chinese.
I'll add new extension for translation next weekend. Thanks for help, bro!

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About China translation?

I asked Symbaloo Team about China. They answer: "The number of users is China is growing, but fairly small. Around 10.000 monthly".
So we can add Chinese in add-on. Why not? Maybe it'll help.

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in the past i have used simbaloo as start page (i left because don't work offline) but now as add-on sounds prety nice, i'll give a try.

wilser, me ganaste jejeje, pero bue...


Translation - Spanish Peru
Rate and Review - Valorar y Comentar

no será: "valora y comenta/puntua y comenta" suena como el verbo sin el pronombre personal antes.:top:solo eso XD.


also, wood work A.S.

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