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Translated weekend №1. Pocket: Read it Later

Maybe you know me, maybe not, but this summer I made a few new extensions for Maxthon.
Today I want to talk about Pocket, formerly Read It Later. It's a Save4Later service, help to save interesting articles, videos and more from the web. If you use mobile app, you can read saved articles without internet connections (more information). Pocket for Maxthon did not exist for a long time, so I made simple extension.


  • your saved pages in sidebar (press "x" to close)
  • website menu in toolbar (work as links)
  • script for save opened page (add tags if you need)

Pocket 0.4.0 ENG.png

About translaions:
Usually I translate extensions only in English and Russian, but Pocket is something more. So I already translated Pocket for Maxthon in English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish. I don't speak these languages, I used Google Translator, so I could  make a lot of mistakes. Let me know if you find it. And if you want to help me with translations in other languages too (all languages which are used in Pocket you can see here). If I get a translation, I can add new language immediately. But approval will take several days. If you ready to help my in this you have to translate in your language this terms:

Pocket for Web - Pocket для Web
Save to Pocket
- Сохранить в Pocket
My list - Мой список 
Favorites - Избранное
Archive - Архив
Recommended - Рекомендации
Account - Учетная запись
Options - Настройки 
Help - Помощь
Email us - Написать нам
Request a feature - Предложить функцию
About Pocket - Что за Pocket?
Rate and Review - Оценки и замечания

How to use Pocket in Nitro read here:


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