any way to see History even if cleared up ?


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Hi All


I have cleared my maxthon history from yesterday , but want to take on a site that I saw yesterday and cant recollect in my memory anymore.

Is there any way I can still browse the sites I went to (yesterday) eventhough the history was cleared manually with the history-clear button ?

(any file , log, I could still refer to ?) to re-see my browser history ?


Thanks in advance

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I tried that , but( i think) it's 'from the time' I have switched it on and thats from today. for yesterday I just draw a blank.  It tells me : 

  • Online History of 2015-09-16 is Empty

any other ideas here pl ? 

I have 5 *.dat files in my history folder.(see image file). but thay all date from today ...I mean is the data really gone forever once the manual clear button gets activated ?


Thanks in advance


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Yes, once it's cleared it's cleared.


The only other option I can think of is checking your address bar history - and that's assuming you typed the address into the address bar and didn't also clear address bar history. Click the down button, then "see more". If you remember at least part of the URL, then type that in and hopefully it will show up.


If that doesn't work then I think unfortunately you're out of luck.

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Ok Thx.

what I see with the down button is this(image file) & it takes me to the initial post here .

so I guess I am stuck and I got to just blame the hard luck here   :)


Thanks for the information.


but I can see this button(clear browsing data) , any way to see whats behind this  (image 2), i think this may also hold the key, but right now if I press it, even thats gone; )

any way I can see the browsing data from yesterday or is it just just bad luck now ?


Thx. in advance



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