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Plan for Upgrade Forum to Suite 4

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Hello, everyone,

We’ll upgrade our forum to Suite 4 (, (the current version is 3.4.8 ).

The upgrading time will start from Sep 18, AM12:00 to Sep 20, PM12:00(CN time). It will take around 2 and a half days.

During this period, we will turn the forum to readable only for protecting our database. When all things are done, the forum will be back with a new face soon.

Thanks for all of your patience! Stay tuned!

If you have any requirements and issues, please feel free to contact us with email :

Below are some differences compare 3.x with 4.0, for your reference.

  • Skins
  • Skin images
  • Friends will convert to Followers

Here are the screenshots of our new forum in advance to share with you:

Index thumbnail:


Forum thumbnail:


Avatar thumbnail:


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Super.  Thanks for the update and I am sure all will go well.  And it looks very nice.

yes, upgrading is always exciting.. though slightly frightening :arf:  but i'm sure everything will go well ! :)

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Wow, this looks super.  Thanks for all your hard work.  Now I have to re-learn everything.  :titter:

:DLooks professional ahahah! There will be many bugs I think, feel free to PM me. Have a nice day!

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