Maxthon crashing DWM causing win 7 desktop to be unresponsive

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Using Maxthon on Win 7 x64 Ultimate with Nvidia desktop driver 355.82.


On some pages, mainly, maxthon crashes tlbhost.exe with uxtheme.dll. tlbhost.exe is part of tordex true launch bar application and is essentially a toolbar with plugins. It's been happening since a few version now and i confirmed it the site opens normally in all other browsers. 'Block this dialog' has no effect and maybe the cause. Some heavy scripted pages without pop-up dialog also crash the desktop in the same way.


Also when the system crashes with error window, the entire desktop becomes weird with buttons and all desktop along with other open windows ui elements being shifted all over the screen, including maxthon. ctrl+alt+del nor task manager opens after that with showing error messages that it is unable to run and must try reset..., leaving me with only one choice and that is to reset the PC manually. I cannot record it nor capture screen shot, since the system itself partially freezes with only mouse and keyboard working but no elements on the desktop accessible.




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Thank you for reaching out and sorry for this inconvenience.

I have opened the page, no browser crash occurred so far, just only the" Block this dialog" has no effect.

I'll ask our testing team to investigate this issue.

Stay tuned.


Block this dialog worked fine for me.

post3dmg4_zps398d3651.jpgWindows 10 64-bit build 10525/Windows 10 Mobile build 10512

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