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i have some silly trouble probably yesterday i synced my whole maxthon local account data to my online account including magicfill & and then i had to remove and reinstall windows (win 7 64-bit) due to dome issues and then i installed my maxthon.


Now the problem is tht it wont sync anything to my local/guest account of maxthon tht was previously there i tried the export data but it only exported the bookmarks and not the magic fill i would appreciate if anyone would help me on how to do that.


it shows all the info on my online account but not in my offline account


pls drop a comment with ur reply 

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I'm not aware of any easy way to retrieve this apart from manually entering it again.


Unless one of the other browsers can import MX data, then you can try importing it back in to your local account? Although that's a bit of a long shot.


Hopefully someone else can offer something more.

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