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I've been having this problem:




-I turned off the proxy and every time I try to search something with google it sends me to a captcha page. No matter how many times I insert the word I'm still gonna be stuck on the same page. Also, sometimes I can search, get the catcha page, fill and continue but it will keep happen a lot of times, like every 7 out of 10 searches.


-I turned on the proxy and it lets me search but sometimes the captcha appears. I insert the word and I can keep going but it's still annoying. Happens every 4 out of 10 searches.


-I've tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge and this never happens. Only in Maxthon (v4.4.6.2000). 


-I used Ipv4 which I guess is the main reason why this happens but it's weird because it's only on Maxthon.


I am so bad at understanding this kind of problems so keep it simple if you can help me. Thank you for passing by. Sorry for my bad English (?).




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Do you have PreSearch enabled? If so, turn it off and see if that helps, Main Menu > Settings > Address Bar > Smart Address Bar > PreSearch results while typing in the address bar


Thank you, I did have PreSearch enabled. (Just turned it off) I'm going to be testing this for some days and see if this works well enough. For now, I looks like it does. :)

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