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Tab Fails in Address Bar Popup Dialog, CTRL+Arrows Navigates Tabs


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I've noticed two buggy (or at least less-than-ideal) behaviors in the popup dialog for adding a bookmark to Favorites.

  1. Tab (and SHIFT+tab) fail to navigate between the fields of this dialog, as they would anywhere else.  Instead, they simply cause the box to lose focus and disappear, forcing the user to start over when he clicks the Favorites star in the address bar a second time.
  2. When the cursor is inside one of the text fields, CTRL+right arrow/CTRL+left arrow triggers Maxthon's tab-switching, behaving as if the focus were not inside a tab field but on the browser.  (This was a problem in earlier versions of Maxthon 3/4 within text fields on Web pages.)  Ideally, CTRL+arrow should move the cursor to the beginning of the next or previous word when a text field has focus, just as it would inside a Web page.

Here's a video demonstrating the behavior — and here's a quick screenshot of the popup dialog window I'm talking about:



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Thanks Secret-HQ for this feedback.

Here on my end, I can confirm the same behavior as you described.

The popup dialog (from the favorites star) for adding a bookmark to Favorites has problems. However the pop up dialog from right click tab--add to favorites works fine, you may be using this dialog as an alternative.




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