Bug: Maxthon isn't listed as one that can handle URL shortcuts on Windows 10

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I have noticed that when I put a link to a URL into the desktop, and then try to open it, Maxthon can't open it, as Windows shows a dialog of which apps can handle it, while Maxthon isn't listed.


In fact, it lists Maxthon Nitro and something that I've uninstalled a long time ago too ("Vivaldi" web browser), but not the normal Maxthon (4) ...


How could this be?

Attached an image of what I see.


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Is maxthon set as the default browser?


Otherwise check your default programs settings and see what is listed. Mine shows "Internet browser", which i'm assuming means it uses the default browser, which in my case is Maxthon.


Could be that if Maxthon isn't the default then it doesn't register all filetypes.

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