Mx Portable YouTube issue.

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Hello friends,


Just installing on my Laptop (WinPC ) .

I've found an issue with YouTube, when playing a video it's playing in a small window with a big black frame around it . I can't get rid of this black frame and I can't enlarge the video.

(the video could be maximized only)


See an example:




Alon C.

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I don't think it's Maxthon, Flash or any other issue. But check some more videos just to double check and see if they have the same issue.


I'm pretty sure the problem is just the way the original video was created. It's a ~1.62:1 ratio image in a 4:3 frame which Youtube puts into a 16:9 frame (depending on your screen layout - mine's 16:10). So there's a lot of black on the sides + the black on top/bottom because of the difference in 1.62:1 > 1.33:1 (4:3). See image for visual.


A 16:9 screen will have the sides a little wider, but the top/bottom will be the same.

The top/bottom black sections are part of the actual image, the black on the sides is added by YT to fill the frame on screen.

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Hi~ there,

we've tested already and it seems verything is fine, could you check whether you installed some extensions which may cause this problem.Besides, have you ever modifyed the useragent?

you can log out the account, and try to log in again to see whether this problem is still existed.

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