Newest versions don't work on Android 4.1.2 tablet

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From its version for Android, Maxthon doesn't work properly on my Galaxy Note​ 10.1 GT-N8000 tablet, which happens to be stuck with the 4.1.2 version of the OS.


At a certain version I can't remember now, Maxthon started to show some instability and on last May 27 I got the worst case scenario: after I installed the then latest version available for download (following the Google Play notification), when I opened the browser, it stopped at that initial "splash screen" and went nowhere further.


Since then, every new version has that same weird behavior. So I had to download and try older versions, and now I'm running Maxthon Build 2919 on that tablet.


NB: It never happens on my good old Samsung S3 GT-I9300 smartphone, which runs the 4.3 Android version.


As I'm concerned with security issues, I wonder why I can't run the latest Maxthon versions on my tablet. Any ideas?






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Here on my side i'm using Mx v on  Samsung S3 with android v4.3 and everything works fine.

What happens when you use this new version on your tablet? Where  the browser is not functioning as expected?

More details would be useful.


I said it before: it stops "at that initial 'splash screen'"... To make it clear: I open the browser, it shows this screen, and stays there.


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I tried once again to update from Build 2919 to the latest version and the issue is still here. But today I decided to check if any part of that interface would respond so I touched on a lot of areas. To my surprise, it showed the browser's menu when I touched on the upper right side, and so I could access most of the areas from in the menu options (Favorites, History, Settings, etc.).

But the problem is I can't get to the home page or see amy address bar!






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