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Maxthon Passport Down. Plus Cannot Change Email Address. [SOLVED]

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I posted this last week, but got no replies. Does anybody know why Passoprt (pc, win 7 premium), will not connect to the internet, when the internet is working fine. My mobile device connetcs with no issues.


Also, when I attempt to change my email address it says that the email address I want to change to is already in use. So I try to get a password sent to the new email address (that apparently is already in use) & it says that that email address cannot be found (i.e., it is not associated to any account). I try to open a new account with the new email address & it says that it is already taken.


This makes no sense whatsoever to me, but I need to change my email address as I will be closing my old one.


Can anyone help with either of these issues?


Thank you!

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As ntzphyr said it's not required to change. Once the account is activated there is nothing sent to the email address. It's only used as a sign in key.


Otherwise an Admin will need to have a look at it to see what is happening.


As far as it not working on PC but working on mobile, it would indicate that something is blocking it from your PC. If you could maybe test it on another PC? Otherwise try download/extract the portable version and try signing in and see if that works.

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