Maxthon 4.5.2 for mac URL/address resolution issues

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4.5.2 Currently appears to:


- ignore /etc/hosts entries

   No real explanation needed here. I have 4 other browsers (incuding Maxthon Classic) installed on my OS and they all resolve my hosts entries. 4.5.2 does not.


- disallow use of host URL (no domain)  (ex. http://mb-13-0/Overview.html, http://sharepoint/sites/mysite/).  When I try to enter those in the address bar, maxthon seems to push it to the "Search from address bar" and then it redirects to google with the address entered in the search textbox.  If I create a bookmark with my URL in it, maxthon simply refuses to do anything.  All 4 other browsers once again have no problem with those URLs.


This browser is a big step back, not forward.

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