Logged in in Internet Explorer without using the said engine on the said website

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I am verry unsatisfied with the fact that I just noticed how unsecured my data was, due to Maxthon, and to be more unsatisfied, it is in the portable version, which should not interact with the host computer's data. The problem is present in the Windows 7 x64 Maxthon v4.4.6.100 version . I noticed it since a few versions ago, but I tought it was because I switched to the Trident engine previously.
Frankly, I discovered that now, after months of not using the Trident engine in Maxthon, but using Internet Explorer sometimes, all my passwords were and still are unprotected. Logging out of the Internet Explorer or Maxthon in any engine, logs me out of the site from both browsers and logging in on a(ny) site on any of the mentioned browsers logs me in on both browsers. For some reason, all my passwords are shared between Internet Explorer and Maxthon, without me ever being noticed of this change in the Maxthon browser. And the problem wouldn't be so big if the secondary engine wasn't used by Internet Explorer. Do you even realise how unprotected that browser is, and how unprotected it makes your borwser, as well?

Please fix this error as soon as possible! Yesterday, if possible...

I just became unable to use Maxthon untill the error is fixed, since I used it mainly because of the security provided...

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Uncheck the 'Enable standard rendering in Retro Mode' at 'Settings > Advanced' will resolve your problem.

Enable standard rendering mode will force retro mode using the IE rendering (external rendering) instead of internal MxTrident rendering. If you store any login data on retro mode with this option, your login data will stored on IE too.

Benefit this option as far as I know.
a. Display web pages that require ActiveX controls.
b. Test web pages with IE's rendering engine.

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