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PreSearch setting conflicts with New Tab from Address Bar


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I'm using the latest Maxthon and I noticed this pesky bug under a certain scenario:


Maxthon Settings | Tab bar | New tab action | Check: Open a new tab from the address bar

Maxthon Settings | Address bar | Smart Address Bar | Check: PreSearch results while typing in the address bar


To experience the issue, you also need to have any custom search engine. For example, I have a YouTube search engine, alias "y", with Search URL being http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%us


Now, if I go to the address bar and type "y madonna like a prayer", it shows the PreSearch results in the current tab (as expected), but when I hit Enter, the new tab that opens is showing a search result from Google instead! Apparently it's using the default search engine (Google) instead of the triggered search engine (YouTube).


If I uncheck the setting "PreSearch results while typing in the address bar", then the new tab is behaving as expected (a Youtube search result).


Please confirm the bug and then spray/douche it with Raid or whatever you guys use over there. ;)




Edit: I just confirmed that this bug exists on the latest portable version of Maxthon ( too. The only two changes I've made from the default settings are: added an alias "a" to the already-existing Amazon search engine, and added a checkmark for "Open a new tab from the address bar". Then, as soon as I typed a sometest <Enter> in the address bar, I witnessed the bug (Amazon search results did not come up on the new opened tab).

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Was that a bug confirmation?  :D

only "bugmissirs" can tag a bug as confirmed, so we have to wait for them to come back (on monday)

this has been noticed for several updates, and I think they try to fix it. 

at the moment i don't use the preload feature (which I don't like anyway)


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