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Rendering issue in Ultra mode


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Hi Guys,

So here is an issue I have been running into and through my searches within the forums and Google.

When I go to some web sites, I am finding that how Maxthon renders the text as well as some other entities within the page all funky. It's so back on one page that I have to use another browser just to be able to use the site. Reason it's so bad? All the text is rendered in a mirror image. So unless I start holding a mirror near my screen, or I open the page in a different browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc...

Why is this a problem for me? Well because I have Maxthon as my default browser, yet I have to copy and paste the link into one of the other browsers so it almost does me no justice to have Maxthon as my default.

One site in particular is one that my family and I use and shop from frequently because we all want our coffee, is keurig.com. What you will see in the attached ScreenShot is that a good part of the text on the page to buy your K-Cups is rendered in mirror. Filename: MaxthonMirror.jpg

In the next jpg you will see that the text is just rendered, well, rather poorly. Words / letters missing, paragraph formatting is off... If you look at it, it's not hard to see the issues. Filename: MaxthonWeirdRendering.jpg

Lastly is a screenshot that I don't often get even on some of the pages that are rendered all weird, however, when I goto the keurig.com website, the first thing I get is a popup box from a popup utility within Maxthon (I think) either way, that says, "Did you know that your Internet Browser is out of data." Because I know my Maxthon is in fact up to date I just click the "Close this window." link. Filename: MaxthonOutdatedPopupError.jpg.

I know that Maxthon does have through what ever means a parser or two of sorts that renders the formatting of the pages that it is to display, and I don't know if Maxthon has written it's own in which they would be able to fix this or if they are using a third party rendering application that they would have to open a ticket with that company. Either way, can someone please give me some suggestions as to where I should go from here to either fix this or temporarily bandaid the situation. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much guys!! :)

Again, Please don't flame me if this does happen to be in the forums already and I missed it. I have tried.. Sometimes making queries into a database can prove difficult and I sometimes refer to making searches like in Google etc to be a bit of an art form lol

Have a great day, and I hope to hear back soon!





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Outdated Browser -

There's not much that can be done about these sort of "errors" as they generally check the User Agent to check what browser it is. Most only check for Chrome/FF/Opera/IE/Safari and if it's not one of them then you get these popups.

Easiest thing you can do is just ignore them.

Or you can change your User Agent to a standard IE/Chrome/FF one in the Maxthon Advanced Settings.

Or you can block the javascript that does the detection, but there is no global means of doing this as every site uses different methods/script files. For this particular site add entry.js$domain=keurig.com to the ABP filters.

Mirrored text -

Same here as well. Weirdest thing i've ever seen. You can use Retro mode, Main-Menu > Switch Browser Core. Maxthon will remember this for future visits to the website. One of the best features of Maxthon that people seem to forget & saves you from having to open another browser. Hopefully whatever it is that is causing the issue gets fixed in a later build.

Weird rendering -

I can't confirm that, actually seems to work better in Maxthon as the ad placeholder is removed. Not sure how or why that is happening for you. Maybe try clearing cookies, although i'm uncertain that will help. Are you using the default User Agent?


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Hey 7twenty! Thanks for the helpful reply as always! My understanding from the forums here is that to change the default user agent, one would find it under settings/advanced, but I am not seeing anything there. I can tell you that what ever it's using "should" be however Maxthon is configured out of the box, as I certainly have never changed anything regarding that.

If you could tell me where / how I find that I would be more then happy to tell you what Maxthon is currently using.

I can also say that I agree, normally I love the way that Maxthon renders pages. The two that I sent you are one of a few select pages that come up like this. It's actually the "mirroring" of the text that I see the most but even at the most, it's probably only about 1 out of every 100 pages, so it's literally only about 1% of the time, sadly it just so happens to occur on a couple of the sites that I use the most, like the Keurig.com site. Also most interestingly, that only seem to happen on "Retail Sites" or shopping cart sites where there are product listings. So I would venture to guess that it's a specific webform or style sheet that Maxthon is having problems withiI will have to inspect the sites that this occurs on and see if I can tell if they are using the same webform or style sheet or something similar. This way I will have something specific that I can use to escalate this up to Maxthon Dev.

So if you could let me know about the user agent, I will get back to you in a jiffy! :)

Many thanks!


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HI Dardwizzle,

Glad to talk to you.

Really sorry for the inconvenience brought to you.

As 7twenty mentioned, some sites do not support Maxthon default user agent.

It would require to go to advanced settings--Tick customize User agent then choose from the drop down menu list and change the browser user agent to a supported one.

For the mirrored text, as a work around you could switch to Maxthon retro mode( by clicking the yellow lightning bolt at the right of the address bar) and try again.

At the same i have recorded your problem and reported it as a bug to our development team for the fix during future versions.

Please stay tuned.

Thanks for your support!





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7twenty, Bugsir007

Hi guys! Ok, so I did get a little sloppy while being very tired and I confused the two things (the retro mode and user agent). Having said that I did not switch to retro mode, but I did change the User Agent from Default / Maxthon to Explorer 9, and after some finagling with logging off logging in, reopening the Keurig.com site, I was able to get the Mirroring problem to go away.... Now oddly I could not get the problem to go away with any User Agent other then Explorer 9. The rest, FF, Chrome, Opera, and of course Maxthon, all still displayed the text in the mirrored strangeness...

That being said, could someone please help me to understand the difference between between User Agent and Retro Mode? I mean I do understand fully what the User Agent does, but I am not too sure I understand what Retro Mode does... Seems to me that it's just another way to invoke the Explorer 8.x and above User Agent. Could you please explain.

The good news is that I have the Keurig.com site working just fine now, with all thanks to you guys! :)

Oh also, BugSir007 mentioned something about clicking a yellow lightning bolt that should be in the Omnibox, however, even with the Retro Mode turned 'ON', I still don't have a yellow lightning bolt in the Omnibox. Can any one explain that one? It seems like I have an awful problem with issues I bring up here being strange, unexpected, or never heard of before. So if y'all have no explanation as to why I have no yellow lightning bolt, then I completely understand... :)

Also, I did just try everything using Retro Mode, and no amount of finagling would correct the mirroring. Seems only switching the User Agent to Explorer 9 is working.

Strange, huh? :p


PS - I ust have done something right and gotten the right amount of points because I am no linger being asked a silly "Security Question" to be able to post! YAY!! lol

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User Agent is just some text that says to a site "I'm this browser, on this type of system using this renderer". It's much less useful these days compared to when it was first implemented, as now things are a lot more complicated with the way browsers work, but many sites still use that as their main form of testing if/how a browser works with the site.

The fact that you're having issues with everything except IE looks like there is something in that site that the blink renderer in Maxthon is having issues with.

Retro Mode on the other hand actually uses IE's Trident rendering engine so the site should behave exactly like it does in IE. So it's more than just a UA change. Although why it was working for you then not and now only working with the IE UA is a little odd.

For the lightning bolt, it's not enabled in the address bar by default. If you want it there permanently for easy access, Main Menu > View > Switch Browser Core Button.

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Thanks 7twenty! The fact that it's now rendering with EI9 then I will just leave things alone from here until there is a fix from Maxthon Dev (if there is a fix) as nothing appears to be negatively effected by this setup. As it's only a couple of sites, and this seems to fix it with no down side, I am not obviously going to be pushing for a fix anytime soon.

I do however thank you all for the help. You not only helped me over come the problem, but you helped me learn a few new things along the way which is always for me the more important of the two. The more I can learn the more I can in the future pay the kindness forward!

Thank you very much!


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Ahh, there you go. So I would have to guess that the rendering issue may be slightly larger then I initially thought, but my guess is that with cases like the one you unless your looking for it, you might very well not even notice the problem. Good catch. Hopefully they will fix this because Maxthon has really become my favorite browser. The features it offers has made it my must use browser.

It's little things like Skynote which has made it my my favorite to use. I can't get enough of Skynote. It's always on top, it's always there, always taking notes on the sites I sign up on with a trail so I never again forget to cancel a trial before the time is up and I have to pay full price :)

There are plenty of other reasons, but that one is one that sticks out :)

Unfortunately I will be opening a new thread here in a sec to see if you or anyone else may have some suggestions for an problem site. :) Ill see ya over there!

IF anyone else comes across any like rendering issues, please make sure to post the site / example here. It will help to get this problem prioritized if it turns out to be more prolific then originally thought.

Tks! Drwzzl

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I was wondering if something has recently changed possibly that could be causing this or is it just that awareness has been brought to this issue which is why more people are seeing this?

I am curious because while I think may of you (and me now) are using the version, at the time when I reported this, I was running version It would be interesting to note if something perhaps with the user agent or supporting libraries had changed prior to the earlier version it may be easier to track down it's cause. Just a thought.

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Search button on the top right doesn't work as intended. Should be able to enter text once the button is pressed, but in maxthon the icon stays focused and requires you to click in the text field to enter anything. Works fine in all other browsers.


Another issue on this site (site was recently updated).

Reply box should be large and auto extend like in IE, see below screenshot


Should be 15 lines, not 10 as in the screenshot

Maxthon gives you a small box with a scroll bar. Not correct.


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All I see is texts instead.


Maxthon is supposed to be based on the same engine as of Chrome (Webkit), and it usually gets one of the highest scores on HTML5 tests 


Even IE can show those icons...


How could it be ?




Mods, feel free to change the title. Didn't know what to put there.

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[[Template forums/front/topics/post is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]


Two things found. This page is extremly sensible to the UA! With the UA by default I see icons but some are missing.


attachicon.gifgoogle svg.jpg


If I use this UA, the same

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 6.3; U; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/ Chrome/43.0.2357.81 Safari/537.36

But if I use this (only removed Maxthon), I have also the icons replaced by text!

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 6.3; U; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.81 Safari/537.36

Attachments cannot be shown for some reason (your attached image file).

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