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Bad Start Page Redirection

Dev CZ

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There should be an automatic redirection from default start page to the user's country based on their system language.


When I open Maxthon Start Page: http://i.maxthon.com
It isn't redirected to my country start page (Czech cs-cz): http://i.maxthon.com/cs-cz.htm
But there is USA page opened instead: http://i.maxthon.com/en-us.htm


There is link to http://i.maxthon.com after clean install in Favorites and also in the Maxthon Settings when you click to button Use Maxthon start page:



Please fix this issue.

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Hi Dev CZ,

Thanks for your question. I have tried as you mentioned and talked to our team about this. Maxthon start page is indeed designed to follow your system language,but only matters at the first time when you you install the Maxthon browser on your PC .And this redirection will be saved as the link in the following days.Really sorry for your inconvenience.We have no plans on this issue currently. Maybe adding a new page here  http://i.maxthon.com/cs-cz.htm in your start page would be helpful. Many thanks.


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