Saved settings reverting to default

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Yes, memories - Mx seems to "forget" some settings.

These occurred to me several times since this last version came out:



1. "Preload web" setting - I turn it off, it turns on on its own.

2. Search engine - even being deleted, the "new" google URL appeared again, and set itself default.



3. Maxthon's forum hasn't remembered a single time my user and pass. I mean, magic fill does the job, but the cookies don't do.

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Do you use Mx Passport.??  

If so, then first set "Preload web" to OF   And  set a mark in Normal Google and not in Google Search (the "bad one") also do it in your QA page, in the long search line.

Add a new Google (normal one) URL in that looks like this (= Copy / Paste)   and set it to Default

• [WinPC Followup] Google CSE - General Discussion  = there is photos of it here...


Last go to Mx Cloud Sync and make you full Sync to all options, to Mx Passport from there. (you can opt-out Magic Fill if you don't want it)

This way you Sync won't change you setting back again...  


The Login to Forum, is empty first, then right-click and your e-Mail pops up, press on it and it fills your form = Magic Fill and Cookies work, this is the same for all in the new forum i think.

Best Regards Ohke

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1. I haven't had that happen since turning it off. How often does this happen? After every restart of the browser? Randomly?

2. As above. 


Seems like it could be a settings issue where the data isn't being saved properly. Clean install should fix it. If you're using a passport all your data should be restored.


3. It's a known issue with the forum cookies not saving the login info. Being worked on.


Also what version of Maxthon are you using? If not the latest ( then try updating and see if that helps with the first 2 issues.

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Thanks for your question. About search engine, I have to tell you that it is a promotion of  our browser. You can change it only in our latest version which you can download here .http://forum.maxthon...leased/?p=82993 After installing that, you can find it in settings >searching engine, make google as a default one. About  "Preload web" setting, after turning it off, it works fine on my side with 3000. About account issue, you can set your Maxthon Settings > Magic Fill to Autotick remember me and sign in anonymously. And it will be fine then. I hope this could help you. Feel free to contact us.

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I'd say it happens randomly. But I suspect it happens after machine restart (because most of the time I simply keep it on). That would be log-off / log-on process.

And yes, I do use passport, and it should have kept my settings by now. There must be some bug.

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