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Preloaded and page with invalid certificat

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looks like i cannot start new topics, so let's try here...

now i'm using, haven't try yet

preload is turned on. when i type in adress bar, and preloaded page has sertificate that is invalid - it preloads with standart "invalid sertificate, do not visit / continue at your own risk" dialog, and adress bar looses focus. so if i want to continue typing in adress bar, i have to click into it, select unnecesery text and type over it.

sorry for my ugly english :)

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Thanks for your question. You can open the same link in IE and if the same problems persists in IE, you can reduce the safety level in IE settings. Or you can update your safety certificate. Feel free to contact us. Have a nice day!


I think you may have missed the point of the post. There is nothing wrong with the site working in Maxthon.


When using pre-load search, if the site has an invalid certificate, the warning dialog that pops up and takes focus from the address bar. Not a huge issue if it is the correct site, but if the name is part of a longer one, then you will always get the popup before you get to the site you want.



test.com > has an invalid certificate.

testsite.com > the site you want.


If you type test and test.com is selected as the pre-search site, then the warning dialog box will take focus from the address bar, so you need to go back to the address bar to continue entering the URL to get to testsite.com

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7twenty, that's it!


looks like i have the only adress bar typing history element that starts with "b": bh1.logol.ru:2096. so, if i want to type in adress bar something like bing.com (don't ask me why do i need it - it's just an example :) ) or "blahblahblah" search query - i get the problem described above.

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