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How to add uncommon search bars?

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He maybe wants to install those Search Engines he wants, into he's Maxthon Multi Search.?? (",)

Your custom Multi-Search Engine/ Settings, here in your Mx Browser, copy - paste this in the URL line >  about:ms > use Paste and Go

post-327978-0-26181500-1432752642.png  <~ Or you can press here in your Browser


Go to here to find all the Search Engines you need and like the most... (^^,)

• [New] (For English users) Maxthon Multi-Search engine: your favorite search engine - Welcome to the Maxthon Forum


Ad them like this in  about:ms



Thats it... 1... 2... 3... here we Go... (".)

Hope this can help you.?

Best Regards Ohke



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Then you may like this one to, if you don't know it already.??. I use that very much, also with the Mx build in Translation, under Settings > Translate selected text

• Extension - {Script 1.2} Microsoft Translator Toolbar for Maxthon 4 and Nitro - Extensions


Best Regards Ohke

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