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Glad to introduce some details about how to use another great new feature of Maxthon Browser: MaxSnap.
Maxthon features built-in Snap for you to capture a region or a web page in entirety. Click the Snap icon in the heads-up display, you can choose Snap Region or Snap Whole Page, or press Ctrl+F1 or Ctrl+F2.

Click Snap Region or press Ctrl+F1 to annotate your snap with a powerful set of tools.

Awesome Tools

Different Shapes
Rectangle, Ellipse, Arrow and Brush, tools are different in size and colors. They are convenient and easy for you to create a snap.
Highlight any texts with the color you favorite while the fonts remains clear and crisp.
MaxSnap provides a Bubble tool with different shapes and colors. It also lets you write in the Bubble. Being high-fidelity, you can zoom in or zoom out them to any size.
MaxSnap has a Blur, really sweet tool for you to blur any contents on the snap so that you can quickly share it with others. Protect your privacy. Plus it has three sizes.
You can undo many times as you want.
In MaxSnap, you have a larger choice of fonts, size and color. 
Click save then your snap is on the clipboard, ready for you to copy it to anywhere! Desktop, Microsoft Office, emails on the web, IM, everywhere!

Shortcut Keys
Snap Region: Ctrl+F1
Note: It supports Global Shortcut. Snap any screen as long as you run Maxthon.
Exit: Esc
Copy to Clipboard: Ctrl+C
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• A Millions Thank You...  Angel bug -  For a very good Guide...  Use Ctrl+F1 a lot. Great feature to work with... (^^,)

But a good Tip was ~> Press the key on the keyboard Ctrl+F2 = Snaps the Whole Page...  44KSR97.gif

Have a question thou, is there a trick to set it to use, the same Fonts every time.??  E.g. Arimo Bold Fonts, my MaxSnap always start up with Segoe UI fonts.  

( i need Bold Fonts often ). Best Regards Ohke and Thanks again...

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