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Lag Issues on Youtube HD videos (flash only)

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Lately I got horrible lags when playing an HD video on youtube, but only in flash mode (not in HTML5). this lag is for the whole tab (scrolling, writing or actions in YoutubeCenter are very slow), but not for others. It actually seems to me that it lags less on fullscreen, but still im losing FPS. My CPU and RAM usage looks fine (~6% / ~30%) I tried using retro-mode, manually updating browser+flash, disabling Adfender, Adblock (not using it anyways), userscripts and YoutubeCenter Maxthon; Flash

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This is a Mini Tweak help, for your PC. ( for Flash & InterWeb )

There is several things you can do, for a better playback of Flash Videos / Movies... Flash needs a lot more System Resources than HTML5 do.

And there is some free programs and settings that can help your PC and Network-card, to do a better effort and use lesser System Resources to...

1.) First make sure that you Networkcard is not set to Automatic, but set to 100 Mbps Full Duplex (for Broadband)

( or set it to 1000 Mbps Full Duplex if your Network and Networkcard is able to use it, if it's not showing it, your NetworkCard can't run it. If Wireless = No way, can't do it )


Go this way > Control Panel \ All items in Control Panel \ Network and Sharing Center > Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network Connections

Use Settings for Networkcard > right-click on LAN-connection > use PropertiesConfigure... > press tab Advanced > Speed & Duplex > set it to 100 Mbps Full Duplex

All are entitled to Full Duplex.!!

Simplex: Only one can say anything to the other (one way).
Half Duplex: Both ends can talk, but only one at a time.
Full Duplex: Both ends can talk simultaneously.

Or, as a friend said:
Simplex: The officer speaks to the Private (one way).
Half Duplex: Men who talk together nicely, one at a time.
Full Duplex: Women who are talking away at once and still hear everything. (^^,)

Close your PC down and while it's shutdown, then you need to Clear your Router / Modem  (Clearing out your Router, is NOT a Reseting of your Router)

Clearing a Router / Modem is just turning of the power to the Router (at least for a whole minute) so the old cache in the Router, is clear'd out completely.

This is very good to do now and then, not every time. Ones every ½ year is best.


2.) Now it's the Browser and PC's turn to be cleared out for all unnecessary files and program startup's in the background. = More free System Resources.

Clean your Browser Cache + History + Temp files etc...

Use • CCleaner for this. Clean you PC for Temp files and all that fills up you PC of unnecessary files. (CCleaner also cleans Maxthon Temp Files)

post-327978-0-70651600-1432140583_thumb. < Settings for Windows, Memory Dumps is not marked for Repair options and Info for the BSOD viewer program.

post-327978-0-68262800-1432141009_thumb. < Settings for your other programs on your PC.

Also remember to use Disk Cleanup thats is in Accessories on your PC, it cleans in other places for you, than CCleaner.


3.) When your PC is clean now, you need to turn of those programs that startup with your PC (hidden in the background = out of sight). 

Those programs that steals a lot of your Bandwidth and your PC's precious System Resources.


Use CCleaner under Tools > Startup to turn of some of the Background Startup Programs (not all, some your PC needs).

DON'T remove any, just Disable them, so they can be started again if needed.

NEVER use MSCONFIG to turn of those Startup files, msconfig can turn of to much, so programs can't be started again. So don't use that option, if you like your PC.

Msconfig is NOT a Startup Manager. It's supposed to be used for troubleshooting, NOT everything else.

post-327978-0-30252200-1432144640_thumb. < Safe to turn of is, any auto-updates like jusched.exe, flash update / Adobe ARM.exe, DivXUpdate.exe, etc..

Do updates manually, now and then = Fast + Safe.

Also RAVCpl64.exe (the audio chip) set it one time, thats enough, same with CLIStart.exe (your Graphic card), etc....


More Info and Help for this, with the Startup program & files, use Google Search and these Websites : 

Remove unneeded startup programs with CCleaner

Windows startup programs - Database search

• Sysinfo.org - the old database search

• Or use my Profile page, there is some Links to, in the top...


4.) Flash Settings, you get to them when your playing a Video.

Right-click on the video > use Settings > and Enable Hardware Acceleration (under Display tab), then click Close.

If you have a integrated graphic card, then you need to turn OF the Hardware Acceleration, also for certain graphics cards, so you get more RAM set free.


Under the tab Local Storage it's on 100 KB (Default), for 480p set it up to at least 1 MB and more, and especially if it is a HD movies in 720p / 1080p (then from 10 MB to Unlimited)

This is then used as a cache on your disk, so it will play a little better. Depending on your space and speed, you have on your Bandwidth.

For example. having much else running simultaneously on the network, f.ex. your game or many pages open in your browser,
then close some of it down, so there is room to Flash movie can get in / down to your PC.
Your bandwidth it fluctuates up and down, it's good to close some of it down, thats go's online simultaneously, so the film is not nicked and lags.

You'll need a broadband connection, with at least 500+Kbps for the best viewing experience.


And on the Global Settings, now THIS is a online setting, be more and very careful with this setting.

Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager - Global Privacy Settings Panel.

How to set up Flash Player settings for max. security - beware of Flash Cookies
post-327978-0-33188000-1432149936.png< 3-party is for Google+ & YouTube working together, but a safety issue on other sites, use CCleaner often to clean here.

post-327978-0-14650800-1432149973.png< allow s.ymtig.com = stands for YouTube images, like thumbnails and icons etc. that comes from that domain.

( set it to minimum 100 KB - 1 MB i set it to, because i use YouTube a lot, more than average)

Another possible reason for choppy and lagging video playback, is that there is much traffic on the YouTube servers. If this is the case, there is not much you can do about it.

Then put the movie on pause, until the entire video is downloaded (to the gray bar is almost full), then play the video, so it's in your PC's cache and play you it from there.
This applied especially for a 1080p playback, as they ARE very big and also if you play them in Full Screen.


A good thing, is also Un-Install all related to Flash from your PC. So you get a Clean Install of the Flash Player files on your PC.

Always use Revo Uninstaller, because it's also cleans in the registry (in a safe way), very good for cleaning up in Codecs or Codec Packs, you may have installed, if a Player won't work correctly.

If you have the wrong Codec Pack on your PC, it to can effect your YouTube Player, see more about this under Point 6.)

Revo Uninstaller - Free or Pro, just as good. Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems


5.) The Maxthon Browser and Flash Install etc... use these Topics here in the Forum.

The Flash Player is this file here > C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon\Core\Webkit\Npplugins\NPSWF32_XX_X_X_XXX.dll  (_XX_X_X_XXX = is the version number )

( if you have a 64-bit system, you still need the NPSWF32 file, to make it work correctly. Always keep it updated = faster player & more safe ).

• Adobe Flash and Maxthon - General Discussion - Maxthon Community

[Nitro Issue] Adobe flash player - MX-Labs - Maxthon Community    <~ And this is for the Mx Nitro Browser, if anyone need this.


Same goes for your UserAgent in you Mx Browser Setting (keep it updated), use a Truncated Version thats fits you OS, a Truncated Version works faster.

Updated User Agent - General Discussion - Maxthon Community


With the YouTube Center Settings use and try / test this setting Flash WMode to optimize your Flash Playbacks.

Go to YouTube and press Settings > Player type > dropdown list, Aggressive Flash > close Center Settings and press F5 on Keyboard = only Flash will play, not the HTML5.

Remember to use Reset Settings (under General), to find the best setting for your PC and Bandwidth, you have to test around with YouTube Center = lots to learn. (^^,)

YouTube Center DB 493 (Multilanguage) - Maxthon - Extensions Center

Features - Flash WMode · YePpHa/YouTubeCenter Wiki    <~ the help to Flash WMode settings


For the Nitro browser you rename this file ffmpegsumo.dll  to ffmpegsumo.dllOLD, by renaming the file name, you make sure the .dll won't be active anymore.

​ You find it her > C:\Users\*user name*\AppData\Roaming\mxnitro\  this will force Nitro to play Flash and not HTML5 anymore. Some HTML5 still works though.


Beautiful Beach Glows by Bioluminescent - 480p is good, if you use a higher video setting, then your PC must work harder (special Bandwidth, in the startup).

• Try the NEW redesigned YouTube player, via this page, press the [Get the Player] button ( here you also reset it back, via [Restore original player] )

You can test it, here and now, on the player above... (^^,)


6.) More help with Playback, Codec, Graphic cards and it's settings + also the HTML5 playback. (the HTML5 format is way better)

[WinPC] why Maxthon - Feature Request - Maxthon Community


7.) More Help and Info Online...

Video playback issues - Adobe Help

Flash Player Lagging - Search results YouTube Help

Flash Player Lagging (in YouTube Help Forum) - Google Product Forums

Download CCleaner 5.03.5128 - Ohke Help Comments at FileHippo.com

BlueScreenView Download - aka BSOD viewer program


Test your Flash here :

Akamai Edge Flash Demo - also try Elephants Dream

YouTube Proper Player Enforcer - This page will FORCE Flash no matter what. Google/YouTube have been actively trying...


LAST : If you can give us a Link to the YouTube Video, thats making your Video Lagging. So we may test it for you.??

And there is no need to turn of AdFender when playing, it runs as a separate program, so it will free up your bandwidth. 

ABP I have deleted that too, as it use to much System Resources = slow browser.


Hope this helps you, a Bit, or a Byte more. (^^,)  EDIT: And Sorry 7twenty for a BIG post, but this is needed to make it work correctly. :wink:

If at first you don’t succeed,

Skydiving is not for you !
Wanted : Person willing to seal gas leaks with candle. Must be willing to travel. (^^,)

~ Disclaimer ~
I give 2 years warranty on all the comments... (^^,)
And takes reservations for any peculiar typos and sometimes comic phrases.

By reading this users post, you agree that he is not responsible,
for any mental problems his posts may caused on you.

Best Regards Ohke

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@~Ohke Nice manual :)

I've noticed Google is preparing new YouTube design, maybe that could be the original cause? Today I have solved very similar problem on my side by turning off Adblock and updating YouTube Center to latest developer version.

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@ Thanks Zugi... Have made a EDIT: in my Post now, so you can try the new YouTube Player. Additional help links added & programs that works...

Enjoy... Best Regards ~Ohke over and ~Out.

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