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Customize Shortcut Keys Error: Ctrl/Shift + Page/Direction

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I love Maxthon's customizable keyboard shortcuts. However, a fairly noticeable error remains when assigning shortcuts to the control key, the shift key, any direction key, and the page up and page down keys.


When attempting to use the following custom assigned shortcuts, the browser will scroll through a page as if the [Ctrl] key were not being held, until it reaches the key's respective end of a web page, at which point the shortcut will work as intended.


[Ctrl + PageUp] = Previous Tab

[Ctrl + PageDown] = Next Tab

[Ctrl + Up] = New Tab

[Ctrl + Down] = Close Tab

[Ctrl + Left] = Back

[Ctrl + Right] = Forward


I tested this further by substituting [shift] for [Ctrl], which worked as intended except on specific websites: Google and DuckDuckGo's search results pages. On these pages, [shift + Up/Down] will move between search result items as if the [shift] key were not being held. [shift + Up] will not trigger after it reaches the topmost selection item. This may be due to a specific website override.


For reference, I am using Maxthon v4.4.4.2000 on a 64-bit version of Windows 7. Thank you!

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I can reproduce the same as the OP. The shortcut only works when the page is at the top/bottom depending on the key.


It's like the navigation keys get priority for page navigation whenever the page is anywhere but the top/bottom. But if at top/bottom shortcuts are enabled. Weird.


Ctrl - Left/Right work fine though. They're also default shortcuts if i'm not mistaken.

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We have tested your problems but everything works fine in the same version.Maybe you can  make sure that your shortcuts settings are not conflicting with other softwares' shortcuts. You can check if your are foucus on the page rather than the browser since the cursor should not be in a dialog box, it should be on the page. Have a nice day!

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